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The theme of this song has never been heard before in the History of Mankind and was for the first time presented at the UNITED NATIONS on December 3, 2009 at the Celebrating event for"The Children of the World"

PERSONAL QUOTE FROM GEORGE SIGMA: "I knew that this song was a universal accomplishment, BECAUSE many poets, authors, musical composers, singers, entertainers, artists, educators and/or politicians, have spoken about PEACE before, but they all did so in just one language, their own language...which later on had to be translated...if ever... Whereas, this idea of mine singing JUST one WORD the word PEACE in all languages of the world in ONE SONG, has never before been done in the HISTORY OF MANKIND since the day man and woman walked our globe... But even so, receiving the type of warmth which you gave me, has completely overflown me with the most tender feelings I have ever before felt in my life.THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!! My appreciation is beyond expression, and my gratitude and HUMBLENESS, derives directly from the very core of my soul!!!

Thank you!!! And God bless you and your loved ones."

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